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Tyre Spreader

Tyre Spreader

Pneumatic tyre spreader

  • The Air Powered Tyre Spreader (pedestal Base) is designed for clamping, spreading and lifting car tyres during repair. One can also do trye inspection cutting, buffing with dust extraction, insert tubes and patching.

Specifications (Pneumatic tyre spreader)

1. Model MT-850-PTS-I MT-850-PTS-II
2. Net Weight 73kg 153kg
3. Weight 59kg 133kg
4. Voltage 220/110V/ 50/60HZ 220/110V/ 50/60Hz
5. Air Pressure 6 - 10kg/cm3 8 - 12kg/cm3
6. Apply to tyre 145-275 Max. 18R / 22.5”
7. Dimension (mm) 890 X 560 X 650 1100 X 2100

Pneumatic tyre and wheel lift (MT-850 ptls)

Air Operated and wheel lift

  • Very easy to use, MT-850 PTLS handles wheels up to 80kg weight
    picks up from the floor and places on wheel balancer or tyre changer.
    Three axes universal motion saves time and operator fatigue.

Specifications (MT-850 ptls)

1. Model BJ - L200
2. Net Weight 48 - 22kg
3. Weight 35 - 13kg
4. Air Pressure 8 - 10kg/cm3
5. Apply to tyre 65

Manual vertical car tyre spreader (MT-850-vts)


  • 360 *Swivel Top
  • Adjustable Tyre Spreaders
  • 4 Tilt Setting

Product Description

  • Vertical Manually - Operated Tyre
  • Spreaders are Used Foe All Type Of tyre From Cars To light Truck.

Specifications (MT-850-vts)

1. Model MT - 850-VTS
2. Net Weight 35kg
3. Weight 25kg
4. Air Pressure 6-10Bar
5. Suitable for tyres 145-275 wide

Manual vertical car tyre spreader (MT-850-M)

  • Designed for passenger and light truck tyres, Car tyres, this tyre spreder fits directly over the central post of most tyre changers and can be operated on the work table directly.