Working Principale Of Rotor Controller

  • Slip dependent Rotor Resistance Starter / Controller are designed with lossy core & based on Rotor frequency dependant resistance design.
  • FCMA Slip ring Starter & Slip Regulator are based on dependent resistance design which provide a constant low starting current ,with automatically reducing resistance in-stepwise with motor speed to provide constant torque acceleration of the motor through ASR/RC accelerates driven equipment from stand still to full RPM smoothly without any jerks.
  • The FCMA base Automatic Slipring Starter-(ASR) & Slip Regulator/Controller (RC) are connected to the Rotor Terminals of the motor, so that the starting current is limited to a low value with a required starting torque.
  • Motor acceleration is smooth, step less and jerk less, as resistance reduction is step less and automatic.
  • As the motor speed increases the resistance of FCMA base ASR & RC reduces sleep to keep the constant current & torque so that the load is accelerated.
  • After achieving to full speed, Rotor Starter will bypass by built in contactor and during running motor will be acting as Squirrel cage induction motor.

Silent Features Of Rotor Controller

  • Range: 5 KW/415 V Upto 6,000 KW/3.3 KV, 6.6 KV, and 11 KV.
  • Slip dependant Resistance provides automatic resistance variation during acceleration
  • Low Starting current
  • High starting torque
  • FCMA-ASR/RC- technology provides slip dependent automatic resistance
  • Provides constant current & constant torque for smooth acceleration
  • Starting torque and starting current adjustable from 100% – 300% depending upon load and motor characteristics.
  • Built in bypass contactor for RUN mode.
  • Less maintenance.
  • No moving parts
  • High utility
  • Good quality
  • Wide application
  • Longer working life
  • Less energy consumption

Advantages Of Rotor Controller

  • Models are available to suit individual motor kilowatt and Rotor Volt & Rotor Current Data.
  • Single & Multi drive versions for ease of connection, location and economy.
  • Dry type & oil immersed executions are available in full range to suit site conditions.
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Dust & weatherproof models are available.

Applicable Standards High Tension Soft Starter

  • Low, Medium & high voltage F.C.M.A.Slipdependant Rotor Starter & regulators are designed, manufactured & tested in line with relevent clauses of IEC / BS / IS 5553 standards.
  • The general standards applicable are as follows IEC34 /BS4999/BS5000/IS 325.