Two Wheeler

Engine Work Station Accessories


  • Engine servicing at 3D X 360° (always at mechanic's eye level).
  • Choice of exploded view or special tool board at eye level.
  • Pneumatic gun mounting bracket.
  • Double air lines (lubricated and dry).
  • Drawer space for hand tools, drawing , service manuals.
  • Overhead lighting arrangement.
  • Custom - built jigs for every brand and model.
    • Engine Jig.
    • Nylon ficture for non - ferrous amd polished parts.
    • Valve spring compression holder.


Model No. Size No. Of Cabinets No. OF Drawers Tool Board Exploded View Instrument Box
ME-ES- 01 1150x750x1000 3 No No Yes No
ME-ES- 02 -do- -do- -do- Yes No -do-
ME-ES- 03 -do- 2 4 No Yes -do-
ME-ES- 04 1200x800x1000 -do- 2 -do- -do- -do-
ME-ES- 05 1150x750x1000 -do- 4 Yes No -do-
ME-ES- 06 -do- -do- 4 No -do- Yes
ME-ES- 07 -do- 1(With 4 Shelves) No -do- -do- No